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Company Worker ID Card

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The company worker ID card is designed differently from the other cards though the difference is not significant but still it has its own features.

Features of the Company worker ID card

Front side of the card

  1. Logo: Like all other cards the logo of the company is placed at the top.
  2. Photo: Beneath it is attached the picture of the employee.
  3. Gender: The gender of the employee is written here.
  4. Expiry: The specific date on which the card would expire is mentioned here.
  5. Date of birth: The date of birth of the employee is written under this heading.
  6. Contact: Contact number of the employee is written here.
  7. Blood group: The blood group of the employee is mentioned under this heading.
  8. ID number: At the extreme bottom is written the specific ID number assigned to the employee. It is written in bold letters.
  9. Name of employee: The name of employee is written at the extreme right side of the card vertically. Beneath it is written the employee designation.

Back side of card

  1. Terms and conditions: The specific terms and conditions that are associated with the employee are written here.
  2. Signatures: The signatures of the relevant authority along with its position in the organization are written here.
  3. Business name and logo: Like the employee’s name, the business name and the logo are too placed vertically on this side of the card.
  4. Address: Companies address and email id is also written at the back side of the card.
  5. URL: The website address of the company is also mentioned.