Create Table Place Card Online

People these days don’t solely depend on event planners or program designers to manage their intimate events. They like putting their mind and effort into small details and customizing these according to their choice.
One example of this is creating customized table place cards that are used to help guests know their designated seating and position in events. Even if you’re hosting a farewell dinner with about 40 guests or having a loved one’s wedding function with as many as 200 guests, these cards can be the right help you need. While it is every host’s obligation to warmly welcome their guests, it might be a little overwhelming to direct each and every one of them to their designated places. Even if you think that’s possible, that’s harder than you think.
Table place cards are placed on each of the dining tables with the name of the guests or their family head showing that they are expected to stay put at that particular position.

Select any of the templates shown below to start creating your own Table Place Card in High-Quality PDF format.

Restaurant Place Card
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Floral Wedding Place Card
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Wedding Table Place Card
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Table Reservation Place Card
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Name Place Card for Table
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How can table place cards help you?

Table place cards help you keep an exact idea of if all the guests have been appropriately seated or not and help stay organized and managed throughout the event.
These can be in exact color coordination with your event theme and might further add up to the aura. These can be hand-written by you to show your compassion, crafted by a calligrapher to add that royal look, or printed by you or a professional with a graceful font. The guest’s full name is written on the card in such a font size that is easily readable from a distance.

How can you design a table place card on your own?

Depending on the level of uniqueness you want to add to it, the table place cards can be tailored in several ways. While many would like simple plain paper with colored text, others might prefer one that contains greater details, more design options, and greater “oomph” factors. It’s all up to you! If you have your child’s birthday party, the table cards can look like colorful balloons. If you have a forest-themed party, the cards can be in the shape of leaves. This will look extra beautiful and would reveal the amount of effort that you have put into the theme.
You can download a word template that provides space for you to add the names of each of your guests and thin adjust the card as well as the font size, adjust the colors, and edit the design. Printable templates available online are in many different sizes, shapes, designs, and symbols. Mostly one layout contains six to nine cards about the size of office cards of about 2 X 3.5 inches in size on a letter-sized page.

How important are table place cards?

These can help you keep the event streamlined, entertain all the guests well, and above all avoid keeping the headache that angry guestscan give. These can be kept as a keepsake by the guests after the party to help them remember the day.