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Letters are one of the most crucial parts of our professional as well as personal correspondence and jobs related to life. We all associate the letters we receive with the ones with better quality and others that were carelessly written and sent. There are a number of factors that determine how professional your letter looks to a reader. A letter written on a blank piece of paper is something people did in the past, but not anymore. Letters for professional communication are formatted in a proper manner with the details of the company or individual posting them. Letters containing letterheads have information including the logo, name, contact details, etc. provided that clarified who the sender is and reveals his identity in the right manner.

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IT Company Letterhead Design
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Professional Letterhead for any Kind of Business
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Construction Company Letterhead
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Beautiful Modern Letterhead
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Best Letterhead for any Company
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Best Letterhead for Professionals
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Why are letterheads professionally valuable?

Letterhead can be defined as the formatted heading that has been provided at the top or the bottom of the sheet of letter paper. It can be a header as well as a footer that comprises basic company information and additional graphic features. Here are a few things the letterheads are responsible for:

Creation of a corporate identity for the business:

When all the letters sent by the company have a consistent letterhead pattern the receivers will immediately recognize them through their brand identity. The letterhead will leave the image of the company’s logo and name in the minds of the general public for a long time.

Conveyance of contact information:

Once someone has the letter you sent with your letterhead, they will instantly have all the required contact information they might need in the future.

Showing your commitment to professional standards:

Companies that do use letterheads are considered professional mature, reliable, and authentic and are able to leave a better first impression on the clients as well as market competitors.

Mean of communicating through words:

What’s better than the old-school way of using papers and parchments for sending your message across?!

Legislative importance:

Companies with appropriate letterheads can also produce these at the time of legal need and can also use these while corresponding with the individuals from the court.

What elements do letterheads have?

From letters to envelopes to invoices, letterheads must have a cohesive pattern that contains certain basic elements such as:

What design rules should letterheads be following:

Letterheads must have these properties when it comes to the design:

Mistakes in letterheads that leave a bad impression: