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General Practitioner Prescription Pad
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Gynecologist Prescription Pad
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Psychiatrist Prescription Pad
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Cardiologist Prescription Pad
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Dentist Prescription Pad
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Doctor Prescription Pad
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What is a prescription pad?

A medical prescription pad is a piece of paper used by doctors for prescribing medicines or other recommendations for patients consulting them. These are specially designed with details about the doctor and the hospital in a professional manner. It is more of a modern-day need that requires proper formatting and template. However, it is also a legal necessity in many parts of the world and is acquired in many circumstances to provide proof of a medical illness.
In addition, it has to be one of the most vital parts when it comes to a doctor’s job. The contact and other details related to the doctor must be carefully provided. A prescription pad with good quality, premium design, and careful formatting tells a lot about the level of professional and ethical aptitude the doctor possesses. Doctors with a careless approach towards their profession are more likely to have an inconsiderate amount of attention given to the prescription pad and other documents.

How do prescription pads look?

These are a collection of pages that could be of US Letter, A4, A5, and A6 sizes and contain the doctor’s contact details such as name, contact number, clinic/hospital address, fax or email, tagline, and detail of the services, etc. This might also contain the hospital logo (optional), the name or logo of the pharmaceutical company that has sponsored the prescription pad, terms and conditions, space for the name, age, and gender of the patient, and the date.
These details are present on the bottom or top of the page and the rest of the space is left blank for the doctor to input the medicine prescription. The doctor can choose to put either his signature or stamp or both after the advice.

Why are prescription pads important?

While it might look to you like a mere piece of paper that contains names of a few medicines only it has indeed a value more than that. A doctor’s prescription pad contains an authentic worth and proves that the medicinal advice has been legit provided by the doctor. These help in:

Luckily, with all the modern means of designing and graphics, doctors don’t need to hire professionals to design their prescription pads. It is as easy as anything to download templates from online sources, edit and improve them and come up with ones that match your professional identity. Your prescription pad can just be according to the temperament you have. You can try and choose one for yourself today. It’s free!